Cameron County is honored and privileged to announce the implementation of “Operation Lighthouse.” This is a case management program that will provide much needed supportive services to the veterans throughout our county.

In the course of delivering services Veterans Service Officer and Director Salvador J. Castillo identified crucial gaps in services to the 17,000 plus veterans community within Cameron County.

Because of these reasons, “Operation Lighthouse” was developed in order to provide support services to help decrease the high unemployment rates among veterans, guidance with medical services and combating the   appallingly high suicide rate currently plaguing Cameron County. Through the proper case management, “Operation Lighthouse” will specifically assist veterans that are seeking employment, need assistance with medical care, and/or want to continue their education.

This new program was made available through a grant that was approved in the amount of $300,000 from the Texas Veterans Commission. This program will allow Cameron County Veterans Service Office to work in a collaborative effort with a local  non-profit organization and other entities  in order to fully reach and assist veterans in need.

County Judge Eddie Trevino, J r. stated, “This is a very important milestone, not only for veterans but the entire community within Cameron County. I have supported the positive agenda that our Cameron Count y Veterans Service Office has brought forth to combat the challenges that our veterans from both past and present are facing. “Operation Lighthouse”, is evidence that collaborative efforts bet ween local and state governments can effective create programs to enhance much needed services around our state.”

Commissioner Gustavo Ruiz stated, “The Cameron Count y Veterans Service Office is a modern office that is proactive, proficient, and progressive. We are proud of the work that Sal Castillo and his staff do ever y day.”