Amended Jury Schedule 2016

The District Clerk is in charge of the jury selection process to:

  • randomly select petit and grand jurors from the Voter Registration List and the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • pre-qualify 1000 petit jurors every week.
  • implement the Juror Information Management System (JIMS) for automated juror qualifications.
  • send summons to 500 petit jurors every 2 weeks.
  • send 60 grand jurors summons every six months for three (2) grand juries.
  • determine the number of potential jurors required for trials.
  • assign jurors to panels.
  • pay jurors for service.
  • distribute juror donations to designated charitable organizations.
  • act as liaison between the jurors, courts and employers.
  • select juries for the District Courts, County Court At Law, Justice of the Peace, and Juvenile Court.