The District Clerk of Cameron County is proud to announce that on June 9, 2015, the Supreme Court of Texas signed an “Order Adopting Rules Governing Electronic Filing in Criminal Cases”, Miscellaneous Docket No. 15-9090, which will become effective for all counties in the State of Texas as of November 1, 2015.  These rules govern the electronic filing in criminal cases in Justice of the Peace Courts, County Courts, Statutory County Courts and District Courts.

Our Office will be working closely with the District Courts of Cameron County in order to implement the electronic filing of documents in criminal cases. With Criminal E-filing, attorneys will be able to file at any time, from any location reducing traveling time to the courthouse and facilitate filing deadlines.  We have prepared and configured all the information needed and will be ready to go live once it is available.

As the date approaches, we will  be having a special Q&A session in order to make this transition an easy and effortless one.

We are excited to start and share in this new endeavor and will continue to work hard in order to make our office as efficient as possible.